100 mM dNTP Set


  • 100 mM dNTP Set
  • 250 ul of each dNTP in 4 Vials
  • Thermo Stable
  • Cost-Effective

100 mM dNTP Set, 250ul of Each 100mM dNTP

100 mM dNTP Set, the most thermal stable, least expensive dNTP set on the market! Great for regular PCR such as gene clone screening, radio active label, mouse genotyping, etc. High-Pure, Cost-Effective. Manufactured in large bulk industrial scale to reduce product producing cost. Save big for your research.

100 mM dNTP Set aqueous solutions (250 ul) at pH 7.0 of each of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP, each in a separate vial. When you combined these 4 vials in the set you will get 25mM dNTP in a total of 1ml. Because the nucleotides are provided in separate solutions, dNTP sets offer maximum flexibility in preparation of reaction mixes for different applications.


For use in all molecular biology applications, including PCR, long PCR, real-time PCR, high fidelity PCR, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, primer extension, DNA sequencing and DNA labeling.

Quality Control

  • Functionally tested in PCR with Taq and Pfu DNA Polymerases.
  • Greater than 99% purity of each component confirmed by HPLC.
  • Free of endodeoxyribonuclease, exodeoxyribonuclease, ribonuclease and phosphatase activities.


  • 100 mM dNTP Set (250 ul of 100 mM of each dATP dTTP dGTP dCTP) in 4 individual vials, 250 ul/Vial (Cat# MB-100).

Long Term (Infrequent use; 1-2 times per month): -70°C for over 3 years
Daily/Weekly use: -20°C for over 2 years
Daily/Weekly use: 4°C for over 6 months



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