Cell Scraper Individual Packed


  • Sterile Cell Scrapers
  • Individual Packed
  • Short or Long Handle Options
  • 500/Case

Cell Scraper, Individual Packed, Sterile, 500/Case

Specially designed Nest Biotechnology cell scraper are designed to scrap and collect adhesive cells easily and effectively from cell culture containers, such as cell culture plates, cell culture dishes, cell culture flasks, etc. Push the handle with a slight pressure to change the blade angle. Then push down the handle towards the bottom of the container. Rotate the handle slightly to make the blade twist to right direction.

Cell Scraper has short handle, 220mm, 13mm blade width (Cat# 710001) and long handle 280mm, 20mm blade width (Cat# 710011) options.

  • Blade is made of HIPS, handle is made of PP
  • Free rotating blade, make the blade twist to right direction
  • Easy-tear sterile packing
  • DNase/RNase free
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Sterile

Catalog No.

Total Length (mm)

Blade Width (mm)


Short, 220



Long, 280



Long, Short



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