81 Well Cryogenic Vial Storage Box


  • 81 Well Cryogenic Vial Storage Box
  • Made of Tough Polycarbonate
  • Assorted Colors
  • 20 Boxes/Case

2 Inch 81 Well Cryogenic Vial Storage Box, Polycarbonate, Assorted Color, 20 Boxes/Case

Biologix 2 inch 81 well cryogenic vial storage box is made of tough polycarbonate which is resistant to common laboratory chemicals. Numeric grids on the boxes and Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and White 5 different colors for easy sample identification.

  • Made of tough polycarbonate; chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • 5×5 (25-well), 9×9 (81-well), or 10×10 (100-well) boxes available
  • Compatible with 0.5ml, 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes and cryogenic vials
  • Boxes feature numbered grids for sample identification
  • Drain holes and air vents minimize condensation
  • Five assorted colors available
  • Suitable for storage in mechanical freezers or liquid nitrogen
  • Temperature range: stable from -196°C to 121°C


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