High Activity Proteinase K


  • Recombinant Proteinase K
  • High Pure, High Activity
  • 100MG/Bottle, 1G/Bottle

High Pure, High Activity Recombinant Proteinase K Powder. Molecular Grade

Proteinase K, High Pure, High Activity, Recombinant.  Still using expensive proteinase K, such as those from ThermoFisher, Sigma, NEB, Roche 03115879001, Invitrogen? Try our high pure high specific activity recombinant proteinase K. Activity performance is 100% guaranteed. Otherwise your money is fully refunded. We offer free shipping on orders of $200 and up.

100 milligram proteinase K powder will make 5ml 20mg/ml solution with TE solution. $12/ml of 20mg! You may see other companies sell 1ml of 20mg at least for $60. Our proteinase K is at least 5 times less expensive than those from other companies. When you buy by gram, you will save much more! Save on reagent cost and explore more research interests!

  • E.C.:
  • Cat.#: GPR10-100mg, GPR10-1g
  • Form: white powder, lyophilized from purified liquid enzyme
  • Specific Activity: ≥ 30 U/mg dry weight (normally around 40 U/mg)
  • Package: 100 mg/bottle, 1 gram/bottle
  • Source: Pichia Pastoris with a mutant cloned gene from Tritirachium album limber
  • Molecular Weight: 29,300
  • Preparation Instructions: Proteinase K dissolves in water at 1 mg/ml to give a clear colorless solution.
  • Unit Definition: One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will liberate 1 μmol of tyrosine per minute from casein at 37°C at pH 7.5.
  • DNase Activity: None detectable after incubation with λ DNA for 6 hours at 37°C.
  • RNase Activity: None detectable after incubation with RNA for 16 hours at 25°C.
  • Protein Purity: Over 99% (Native-PAGE and SDS-PAGE assay)
  • Package: 100mg/brown glass bottle; 1gram/white plastic bottle

Proteinase K is a highly active 28,904-Da serine protease isolated from the fungus Tritirachium album. Our mutant version has a molecular weight 29,300 kDa. The enzyme exhibits broad cleavage specificity on native and denatured proteins and is widely used in the purification of DNA and RNA. Its activity is increased in the presence of denaturants such as SDS (1%) and elevated temperature (50-60°C). The recommended working concentration is 50 ~100 µg/ml for protein removal and enzyme inactivation, and up to 2 mg/ml for tissue treatment. 1 mg of Proteinase K is the equivalent of 30 mAU. The proteinase K products are free of detectable DNase and RNase.

The application of this Mutant Proteinase K is similar with wild type Proteinase K. But this mutant one has higher specific activity and more stable at room temperature. It is a non-specific serine proteinase with broad substrates. It is active over the pH range from 4 to 12. It can be used at any situation to digest native and denatured proteins. For instance, it is used for isolating mRNA or genomic DNA from different tissues and modifying glycoprotein
for structure studies. Mutant Proteinase K is active with SDS, urea and EDTA and active between 15°C and 75°C.


100MG/Bottle, 1Gram/Bottle



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