Nest 1.5ml Micro Centrifuge Tubes


Boil Proof Cap

Super Clear

DNase/RNase Free


Nest Biotechnology 1.5ML Micro Centrifuge Tubes With Boil-Proof Caps, Sterile and Non-Sterile Versions

Nest Biotechnology 1.5ml micro centrifuge tubes, $120/case of 5000 non-sterile (Cat# 615001) and $125/case of 4000 sterile (Cat# 615601). Nest Biotechnology 1.5ml micro centrifuge tube features a special boiling proof safelock cap which prevents cap pops up during sample heating. Package types: 500/Pack, 5000/Case for non-sterile version and 50/bag, 400/pack, 4000/case for sterile package version.

Nest products are ISO 9001:2008 certificated, CE certificated and FDA registered. All products are made of medical grade materials. Products from Nest Biotechnology are manufactured with high standard and quality & stability in mind. Nest Scientific USA, a growing and expanding company in US market, is a great brand you can rely on.

  • USP VI grade polypropolyne material
  • RCF: 30000 x g
  • Endotoxin level: <0.1EU
  • Clear graduations and frosted marking area
  • Easy opening and closing.
  • Safe Lock Boiling Proof Design
  • Autoclave at 121°C/15 psi
  • Non-sterile and sterile options
  • Temperature range: -80° to +121°C
  • DNase/RNase free

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Non-Sterile, Sterile



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