PCR Cool Rack, PCR Cold Rack, PCR Setup Station

$169.00 $130.00

  • Holds various reagent vials
  • Keep samples cool up to 5 hours
  • No more water ice

PCR Setup Work Station For PCR Tubes, Strip, Plates and Reagent Reservoir

This PCR cool rack keeps your samples at 2-4°C for up to 5 hours, but not frozen your samples. No hurry for PCR setup. Keep your PCR results more reliable, consistent. No more contamination from wet ice.

This PCR cold rack can hold the following items:

  • 9x 1.5/2.0mL Micro tubes
  • 8x 2.0mL Cryo tubes
  • 5x 0.5mL Micro tubes
  • 1x PCR Plate
  • 96x Single PCR Tubes
  • 12x 8-Tube PCR Strip
  • 8x 12-Tube PCR Strips
  • 1x Reagent Reservoir (i.e. P8050/P8051)


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