Roto Mini Tube Rotator Tube Mixer


  • Roto-Mini Tube Rotator Tube Mixer
  • Variable Speed from 5 to 70 RPM
  • Optional Different Tube Holders
  • Vertical and Horizontal Rotation Postion

Benchmark R2020 Roto-Mini Tube Rotator with Tube Holders

Benchmark R2020 Roto-Mini Tube Rotator Tube Mixer provides a wide range of mixing capabilities. Suitable for an array of laboratory applications including re-suspension, protein binding, nucleic acid purification, etc.

This Tube Rotator, Tube Mixer comes with interchangeable tube holders for accommodating all laboratory standard tube sizes from 0.5ml to 50ml. The rotation motion can be adjusted from vertical (end over end) mixing, to horizontal (rolling or hybridization style) mixing. The analog version (Cat# R2020) has fixed rotation speed 24 rpm.

The Roto-Mini Tube Rotator Tube Mixer is also available in a “Plus” version (Cat# 3024) which is a Digital variable speed tube rotator which  has the following additional features:

Variable Speed 5 to 70 rpm
Mix” function Rotating in combination w/ oscillations (increased mixing)
Pause” Function Rotating with intermittent “stops” during rotation
Rock” Function Back and forth, gentle rocking motion (see-saw)

The Plus models also offer an additional rocking platform (4.5 x 3 in.), as well as a 96 x 0.2ml tube/strip/plate holder for mixing PCR vessels in the “Mix” (oscillating) mode.

Functional Parameters

Speed (Cat# R2020):

24 RPM

Speed (Cat# R2024):

5 to 70 RPM

Mixing Modes (Cat# R2024):

Mix, Pause, Rock


10.8 x 6 x 6.5 in (27.5 x 15.2 x 16.5 cm)


3 lbs (1.4 kg)

Tube Rotator and Accessories

Item Cat #


R2020 Roto-Mini Rotator with tube holders, Fixed Speed
R2024 Roto-Mini Plus, Variable Speed Rotator with Tube Holders, Variable Speed
R2020-1520 Tube holder, 11 x 1.5/2.0ml, 2/pk (1 pack included)
R2020-0507 Tube holder 5 x 5-7ml, 2/pk (1 pack included)
R2020-150 Tube holder, 4 x 10-15ml, 2/pk (1 pack included)
R2020-500 Tube holder, 6 x 50ml, 24×0.5ml, 2/pk (1 included)
R2020-PCR Tube holder, 96 x 0.2ml, 12 PCR strips or one PCR plate**
R2020-RP Mini rocking platform with rubber mat, 4.5 x 3 in**



0.5ml/50ml Tube Holder, 1.5ml/2ml Tube Holder, 10ml/15ml Tube Holder, 5ml/7ml Tube Holder, Mini Plateform, PCR Holder, Rotator, Rotator Plus



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